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Stop WATCHING YouTube Videos And Start Making Money From Them!
"How This Former Police Officer Turned To YouTube And Discovered The Insider Secrets To Achieving INSTANT First Page Rankings... Making Profits In Minutes!"
- All Without Spending A Single Cent!
Finally - A Proven "Step-By-Step" System That Will
Bring Laser-Targeted Customers Who Will Be Banging Down Your Door To Buy Your Products/Services...

If someone would show you the exact steps to follow, to get first page rankings in MINUTES... to produce laser targeted traffic on demand...

...using a simple, proven blueprint that ANYONE can follow to get real results (and sales), would you sit up and take notice?

Well, keep reading - as I am about to expose how you can tap into a community of thousands of rampant buyers, each and every day.

They are hungry for exactly what you are offering and can generate an income of over $15,000 per month, for just a couple of hours work.

Sounds a little hypey, I know... but I really have the goods to deliver on the promise.

But first, let me tell you a secret that very few people know.

Video Ranking On YouTube
Changed Forever...

You could be seriously damaging your health - unless you know exactly what to do!

What do I mean by this?

Well, since 2013, you've probably heard that video marketing was THE way to go, to get instant rankings in the search engines.

You were constantly being warned that if you DIDN'T use video and YouTube, you would be 'dead in the water'.

Courses were being produced virtually every week by the so-called "Gurus", showing you how you could seize this untapped market and make instant money.

I was really taken in by this and quickly jumped on the bandwagon. I didn't want to be left behind, so I bought every course that I could get my hands on.

I then spent MONTHS following the different systems. I quickly uploaded numerous short crappy videos, went on to add thousands of backlinks to get "guaranteed" 1st page rankings and then it was just a matter of time before the money started rolling in...

Then It Went Wrong...

The avalanche of money NEVER happened. Instead, I lost money every single time and within weeks my sites began to fall off the radar.

The hard truth was that I was getting penalised by Google and YouTube for trying to scam them. 

I failed to appreciate that they employ the top brains in the world to protect their empire by pushing out their latest updates in their algorithms, which they do every day.

Apart from videos being taken down left, right and centre, thousands (maybe even millions!) of websites suffered badly. I couldn't understand why I got caught up in all of this.

I'd been following everything that I was being taught by the Gurus who had promised me that I couldn't fail.

There must have been some mistake, or so I thought.

Then It Went Wrong...

You can't try and trick YouTube or Google. They soon get wind of the latest 'fad' or craze and remove ALL of the videos the consider fake or of poor quality - and if you used crappy backlinks to get rakings, these will also get taken down!

I found myself with a handful of useless sites that Google and YouTube had penalised. Sites that could never be ranked again.

They went from 1st page rankings to... NOWHERE.

I learned TWO hard lessons:

1) You cannot trick Google or YouTube... EVER!

2) If you do, they will catch up and you will lose every time... FACT!

I had spent a fortune on the software programs to produce the videos and even more on getting backlinks.

I added it all up and found that I had spent thousands of dollars on everything (don't tell my wife!) and had wasted over nine months of my life for nothing at all.

My YouTube Account Was Now
Dead (And So Was My Business!)

To be blunt, YouTube & Google simply didn't want my business anymore. They didn't need me on their side as I was pumping out crap and trying to scam the system.

They rely on huge companies to pay them millions and do what they're told. Just look at their profits.

So why on earth would they need me?

Have you ever tried to get an account reinstated when it's gone? It's impossible!

It was at this point that I was on the verge of giving up completely and getting a 'regular job' again, like my friends were telling me.

The now 'old fashioned way' for ranking videos on YouTube simply doesn't cut it anymore. Period.

If you follow the 'old' methods, you will find either:

  • Your videos will be removed
  • Your account will receive "strikes" - effectively limiting what you can do
  • Your account can even be banned and you will lose everything that you invested
  • Your linked sites will be penalised with lower search engine rankings
  • You will end up simply wasting your time and money

Does all of this sound familiar?

If you have ever tried this, then I'm sure that it probably does - as no one has provided you with a working solution.

That's why you're here, isn't it?

Before I go any further, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Peter Froud and I spent over 32 years in the Police Force, here in England.

As I moved up through the ranks, I was fortunate to spend my last 5 years being part of a National policing team, 'heading up' and implementing a multi-million pound National computerised system in England and Wales.

I also went on to successfully complete the nationally recognised UK Government (OGC) Project Management For Public Projects.

I don't normally blow my own trumpet but I do have a proven track record of being able to organise a multi-million pound project correctly.
If I had failed, it would have hit the media in a BIG way, but it as a success and I went on to produce many publications that were then adopted by many forces.

But, in 2010, as a result of the austerity that hit the UK... that was it.

I had delivered what was required and I simply wasn't needed any more. To save the force 'money', I had no option but to retire and take my pension.

For over 32 years, I had dedicated myself to catching criminals, but now that had to change.

Luckily, my passion outside of the Police was with video and internet marketing, so I turned my 'skills' and knowledge into these and went full time into developing a successful business online.

For over 4 years, I tried to find a way to produce a decent income from the internet, but got nowhere.

Okay, I made a little money along the way, but I was always paying out more than I actually made.

In 2014, I decided to dedicate my time into researching YouTube fully and how to make it work for the individual - without getting on the wrong side of YouTube or Google!

I tried numerous courses and 'shiny objects' beforehand, but nothing really worked.

So, if none of the 'old stuff' is working anymore, what is next?

It's Time To Learn The NEW Video
Ranking Secrets Using YouTube

After 4+ years of trial and error (together with huge bills to show for it), I've finally cracked it...

...and I have just put the finishing touches to a profitable and guaranteed-to-profit system that actually works with YouTube & Google - not against them.

This is a not a 'fad' or a scam as my background will NEVER allow me to have anything to do with any cons!)

It's based on providing YouTube with exactly what they want - and it works like CRAZY. No longer will you be trying to beat the system.

I now introduce you to the result of my dedicated research, my brand new product...
Video Cash Formula
A Comprehensive System To Get Fast,
Easy &
 Guaranteed First Page Rankings
Often Within Just A Few Minutes!

You see, YouTube is complex. Very complex.

Google spent $1.6million in 2006 for it and since then, they have invested heavily. It has now become the world's 2nd largest search engine... second only to Google itself.

It wasn't long before people start to discover that when a video was ranked on YouTube, it would also get listed on Google.

This is when savvy marketers saw instant money potential in selling courses on how to seize this latest opportunity and beat Google using YouTube... without appreciating that they are the same company.

This worked for a while and it wasn't long before the so-called "loopholes" were exploited to the max. 

Let me tell you some REAL facts about video, which you may already know:
  • Adding  a video to a site that sells anything, increases conversions by an average of 30%.
  • Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase on a website after watching a video.
You see, one of the easiest ways to push video is using YouTube as your springboard, with it's massive following.

All you had to do was make a quick video, upload it to YouTube and make sure that it pointed back to your site - and you would get instant rankings in Google.

This resulted in an abundance of courses which exploited this loophole like mad. Whatever could go wrong?

Just pump out a video using the new programs and services that were springing up everywhere, add your links, push thousands of backlinks to it and you got instant success... or so they told you.

I know - because I learned the hard way.

In 2014, YouTube finally hit back - and they hit back hard.

Videos were literally falling like a pack of cards and were being taken down. The spammy links, some from very 'dubious' sites were traced back to your own YouTube video and your own sites. And guess what?

These also suffered.. but why?

The answer is that we weren't using YouTube as it's supposed to be used. We were going against the terms and conditions of Google and YouTube.

But, I'll let you into a secret... Video marketing using YouTube still works, provided you use it correctly and comply with Google's terms.

Here's WHY The "Video Cash
Formula" Works So Well...
1st Page Rankings On YouTube
When following Pete’s system it is easy to get front page listings in YouTube, which will result in instant traffic to your site - producing more sales.
Front Page Rankings on Google
Although this now takes a little longer than it used to, you can still achieve front page rankings on Google when you are highly ranked on YouTube. This will result in even more traffic and even more income.
Laser Targeted Traffic
With over 1 Billion users on YouTube, there are people searching for YOUR information. You are providing the viewer with EXACTLY what they want and Pete will show you how to do this. You will no longer be producing videos that no-one is interested in.
People Love Video
Video is known to increase conversions but when placed on your website it will slow down page opening times, which now an impact on rankings on Google. Hosting your videos on YouTube and pre-selling your customers before they land on your website is an incredibly powerful system. Pete will show you how.
Save Money
It can cost a fortune for SEO and paying for backlinks, when you don’t need to. Let Pete reveal a low cost and even FREE alternative
Making Your YouTube Videos Interactive
Pete will reveal to you the EXACT methods for how to make your YouTube videos interactive so viewers can go straight to your own website by simply clicking on the video itself. Don’t leave money on the table with YouTube.
Become Google’s Friend
You will learn how to be YouTube’s friend and deliver what they want you to… so no more worries about getting your videos shut down.
Get More Social Awareness
The more videos you have ranked on YouTube, the more social awareness and interactivity you can have with viewers. This will result in higher rankings, more traffic and a more authoritative brand.
Instant Access
Video Cash Formula is instantly downloadable to your computer so you can watch it straight away. You don’t have to wait for us to ship it to you, so you can start your training in the next few minutes.
This isn’t just a one-trick pony either...

Check Out What Some Of Our Early Adopters Thought Of
The Video Cash Formula:

After watching so many different courses, I can finally say that Rob Temple and Pete Froud have put together the ultimate marketing video training that not only works but will also give you a marketing advantage on selling with videos.

You should know that going through this step by step training will easily shed 2 or 3 years off learning the trade on your own.

- Sergio Felix, Mexico

If you're not yet in the video game, or you're not seeing the success that you hoped for, you're missing out. Here's your chance to jump in with both feet and make a big splash right from the off.

Peter Froud has put together a complete video training course that takes you all the way from finding a profitable niche to creating and optimizing videos for maximum impact and profit.

You'll also learn how to set up a YouTube account correctly to set yourself up for success right out of the gate, as well as the best way to make sure your prospect takes the action you want them to take.

Pete also covers one of the biggest conundrums facing all marketers and this is traffic. He shows you the 2 best ways to get traffic to your videos and then how to analyze your results so that you know how well your videos are performing.

Whether you're new to video or not, you'll learn a ton from this course and you'll become an expert at taking advantage of the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet, YouTube.

- Ray Boreham, USA

This is a fantastic program which makes using video in your business seem so easy. It is GREAT value for money.

There is no doubt that the use of video is an essential component of any successful marketing or communication these days.

Peter Froud is a natural teacher. The relaxed presentation communicates everything you will need to know in a way which makes the whole process seem so easy; as easy as it really is.

There are seven modules to the programme which will take you through the entire process from researching a niche to evaluating success. Each module is broken down into a number of videos presenting the information in comfortable bite-sized sections. Free software is identified when it is adequate for the job.

There are downloadable MP4 versions of each video and the slides used in the presentation so that you can continue to learn, wherever you are. Video Cash Formula also includes very useful worksheets with each module.

Making very effective videos does not have to be expensive or difficult. Video Cash Formula will show you how.

- Joe Sullivan, UK

You have massively over delivered on your promise to show how to produce and monetise YouTube videos.

I have been using Youtube video for many years but I did not realise that I was doing so much wrong, your training has put me right on all the things that I should be doing but more importantly what I should NOT be doing.

Your training is the complete step by step plan that absolutely anyone can follow, no special skills are needed just a desire to succeed, you have shown how to start from scratch and market simple videos and then how you can make money on autopilot by simply following your system.

- Robert Corrigan, UK

Video Cash Formula is a comprehensive but easy to follow training program for marketers wanting to learn how to produce good quality videos to enhance their business profits.

It has great content covering everything you need to know and more with brilliant tips and easy to follow step by step advice. Each module provides access to all the resources you need and you can download videos, slides and worksheets to help meet your preferred learning style making it really user-friendly. A great program.

- Derek Thomas, USA
Let's Take A Peek At Exactly What
Is Inside This Program...

Module 01 - Research

You will learn how to find and select the right niche for you to ensure that you get maximum profits. BUT, if you are a business owner, you will discover how to identify exactly what your customers are looking for.

You will also learn how to research your marketplace to identify what your perfect customer wants (your avatar).
You will learn how to identify keywords and keyword groups that REAL people are using. These can then be matched with your YouTube videos to dominate the marketplace.

Module 02 - Setting Up YouTube

Learn the steps you need to know to ensure that your YouTube channel is set up correctly and optimised fully to get maximum benefits.

Module 03 - Making Videos

We explore the different types of videos that you can make and which one(s) will work with you best.

To make things even easier there are closely guarded tips to make things easier for you and how to edit videos quickly and easily without breaking the bank.

Module 04 - Uploading Your First YouTube Video

How to upload your videos correctly to YouTube using steps that very few people know about.

This is one of the keys to your success and overlooked by over 95% of ALL YouTube uploads.

Module 05 - Making Your Videos Interactive

Have you ever wondered how some YouTube videos have clickable links on the YouTube video that take you to specific websites?

I know I did, but now I'm going to show you 'step by step' so you will be able to do the same and get a flood of traffic to your site, that would normally have been left behind.
I also reveal the normally closely guarded secrets to getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel as if they are opting in to your newsletter on your site. In addition to this, you will also be shown other ninja tactics to ensure that your videos REALLY stand out.

Module 06 - Getting Traffic The RIGHT Way

Stop bombarding your videos with thousands of useless backlinks.

I will show you how to drip feed a steady supply of traffic, even while you sleep... that WON'T get on the wrong side of YouTube.

Module 07 - Fine Tuning

YouTube and Google know EVERYTHING about what you are doing online and I will show you how to use analytics to your advantage, so that you can pin point your videos like stealth missiles for MAXIMUM results.

Bonus Step-By-Step Worksheets

Inside you will find worksheets that you can complete as you go along to ensure that you record all of the essential data that you need to use in your YouTube videos.
Need more proof?

Here's Some More Reports From
Just A FEW Of The Raving Fans
Of This Fantastic Program...

Video Cash Formula is a MUST HAVE resource to develop an internet video presence and business! You get truckloads of informed training. 

All of the YouTube tricks of the trade and tips leap you far beyond the average player to benefit by saving time lost using the typical trial and error route. Get Video Cash Formula Now! I guarantee you will be happy you did. I highly recommend this front-line, opportune product!

- Nick Bachur, USA

The course leaves nothing to chance by discussing the best way to track and check your success with your uploaded video by including the ability to measure your results and an opportunity to revisit and alter your video project should you need to.

I found the use of annotated messages loaded in the video itself of particular interest with lots of potential to drive even more traffic to your chosen website. This is a must for new marketers in particular starting out, looking to utilise a social media source like You Tube.

The professional video marketers love it too…

- Paul Hupton, UK

As a video marketer and a veteran video course creator since 2003, I am often wary of who I back up. That is because in world, there are marketers who walk the walk, and there are marketers who only know how to talk the talk really well.

After watching Pete and Rob's videos, especially on driving more traffic via Youtube Ads and conversions, it was a breath of fresh air, because they actually walk the walk, while being passionate about it as well. His willingness to help and share, is a rare gem these days.

- Stephen Luc, USA

YouTube marketing plays a massive part in my offline business as it accounts for a large proportion of where my new customers come from.

As such I have studied many courses over the last 12 months and this one stands out as one of the best I have ever come across, even when compared to ones that cost several hundred dollars.

Buy the course and take advantage of YouTube marketing whilst clicks are still cheap, it won't stay that way for long.

- Paul Healey, UK

Wow... "Video Cash Formula" is the training program that I wish had been available when I started doing video marketing a couple of years ago.

Pete's approach to niche research, video optimisation, YouTube ranking and monetisation is truly brilliant.

I love the way that it falls perfectly in-line with YouTube and Google's regulations, which means they'll be delighted with your advertising. Do what Pete teaches and you'll eliminate any chance of being banned by Google.

I don't use traditional SEO methods, but I'll definitely be using the "Video Cash Formula" to get my videos and websites to the top of YouTube and Google, in record time. 

The results of this program are clear to see! Highly recommended.

- Ryan Phillips, UK

There is NO doubt...

This Is A Comprehensive A-Z Guide To Get First Page Rankings On YouTube!

"Video Cash Formula” is a step-by-step video course which leaves absolutely NO stone unturned.

Pete is breaking down everything you need to know to get fast first page rankings.

Here's just a snippet of what you'll learn inside this program:
  • How to quickly find a profitable niche market where you'll have a horde of raving fans, ready and waiting to throw money at you.
  • The marketing science behind creating a customer avatar, so that you can truly understand your potential customers.
  • A fast way to determine exactly what your customers want (and need).
  • Keyword research techniques that won't drive you crazy - but will throw up a ton of fantastic key terms to optimise your videos for.
  • How to quickly set up your YouTube channel ready for rapid first page rankings.
  • The best types of videos that you can make and when to use each one.
  • Exactly what tools, software and hardware you'll need to make high quality, professional videos.
  • How to make amazing videos that convert - even on a tight budget.
  • The RIGHT way to upload your video to YouTube, including all of the "underground" steps that most people don't even know about.
  • The main keys to successful first page rankings, based on what YouTube actually LOOK for.
  • How to optimise every element of every video you upload with a powerful cumulative effect.
  • Quick techniques to annotate your videos and add links across to your website, so that you can drive traffic from YouTube into your offers.
  • Techniques that will grow your subscriber base on YouTube and turn your channel into an authority powerhouse.
  • Ninja strategies that will make YOUR videos really stand out from the crowd and grab attention.
  • The FAST, proven way to get a flood of traffic without needing thousands of useless, spammy backlinks - and NO expensive software.
  • The RIGHT step-by-step strategies to get your videos to fly onto Page #1 without upsetting the BIG "G".
  • How to use Google's analytics to fine-tune, improve and optimise your video ranking campaigns and get even better results.
  • Pinpoint targeting strategies for getting your content in front of the right people at exactly the right time.
It's all waiting for you, right now, inside the members area.

Plus, Pete has also prepared worksheets that you can complete as you go along to ensure that you record all the essential data you need to use in your YouTube videos.

Here’s the SIMPLE truth:

Getting Your Videos Ranked And Getting Massive Traffic Using YouTube And Google Is NOT Hard
To Do, When You Have The
Correct Formula In Place

97% of people just throw their videos up to YouTube without thinking about what YouTube want.

They are barely scratching the surface with badly made and un-optimised videos that will NEVER get ranked.

With the “Video Cash Formula” you’re going to join the elite 3% to ensure that every video is laser-targeted and fully optimised.

You’ll see (right before your eyes) just how videos get ranked and overtake your competition to hit that #1 slot.

I have spent 12 months practising this formula and getting it right. It has cost me a LOT of sleepless nights and headaches along the way... not to mention the amount of money I have spent.

This has also gone through extensive testing, trialling and researching to iron out any problems and make sure it works time after time.

Video Cash Formula is a complete and step-by-step system that would easily fly off the shelves at $497 or more.

In fact, I recently saw a similar program selling for $997.

But, I want to help people succeed and make this accessible to as many people as possible. As a former police officer, I want to treat people ethically, the way that I expect to be treated myself.

So, I won't be charging $497 or $297. In fact, if you grab this amazing training right now, you will only have to pay a small investment of $197, and that is literally giving it away.

But WAIT - I Want To Take
This One Step Further...

As this is a brand new product to the market, I've decided to drop the price even further as a special INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT, but for a strictly limited time only.

That means that, if you jump on this opportunity right now and secure your copy of the "Video Cash Formula", you can get the whole course for just... $97.

Yes! Just $97 for this incredible, content-packed training to get you instant first page rankings and traffic.

I literally can't afford to keep this on the market at this low price, so the the price will be rising, very soon.

Not only that, but it's also covered by...

My Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
I am SO confident that you're going to LOVE this training, that you have an entire month to try it out, completely risk free.

Take the "Video Cash Formula" for a test-drive for 30-days and if, for any reason, you aren't totally satisfied, just contact me and request a full and prompt refund.

No questions asked.

But you need to hurry. We can't keep this at this crazy low price forever.

This is only the introductory price and it will be rising soon. I don't want you to get locked out on the outside, so act now and grab it while you can.

Hit the big green button below to get started in the next few minutes.

Yup, I have had my team set this entire program up so that you'll get instant access, even if it's 3am.

Secure Order Form
  • Yes Pete, I'm in! I want to really start driving traffic using YouTube and grab your secrets before it's too late.
  • I'm ready to learn the underground secrets of your Video Cash Formula to get instant front page rankings and profits within minutes.
  • I fully understand that by clicking the Buy not button I will get full access to the course in a digital format, so I will get immediate access and can get started straight away.
  • I understand that this course is 100% legitimate, 100% legal and 100% what I need to know. 
  • You've made it very clear with your 100% guarantee. I know that I can get instant access to your course with your 100% money back guarantee.

I have spent years trying to find my way around the internet marketing minefield and, like you, I have the scars to prove it - especially when it comes to driving high-quality traffic.

I finally got there and found the answer. Now, for a very low price, you're going to get everything that I know. Years of trial and error. Thousands of dollars of mistakes.

No flannel, no waffle... just the real facts.

Hit the button above to secure your place today, and I'll look forward to seeing you inside the members area in a few minutes time.
Talk soon,
Peter Froud
Creator, Video Cash Formula

PS. If every video you upload gets thousands of visitors (thanks to this amazing ranking formula), can you imagine how much traffic (and sales) that would generate?

PPS. The problem with MOST free traffic methods is that they take hours and hours of work. This is NOT the case with the "Video Cash Formula".

If you can spend just 1-2 hours per week creating short videos, uploading and optimizing them, you can generate enough traffic to create sales of your products... leaving you with plenty of time to spend with your family and loved ones - doing the things that you want to do.

PPPS. Don't forget, the price of this almost giveaway product WILL be rising and you won't see this low price again. Make sure you grab it today before the time runs out and the price rockets back to $97. Hit the big green button below to get started, right away.
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